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If the mat is too much to comb out, you may want to simply cut it out of the coat with small scissors. Be very if you do so, to avoid cutting the delicate skin. You can also try removing the mat with your fingers alone.

You can also take your rabbit to a vet or a groomer if the matting situation is too much for you to do on your own. Then, after he has been all fixed up, make a commitment to brushing his coat regularly to avoid future mats.

Remember, long-haired rabbits need more regularly grooming than those with short hair!

Should You Bathe Your Rabbit?

Rabbits do not like being washed, and they may even suffer anxiety or get upset if you put them into a bath. So do not bathe your rabbit unless you really must (if he is covered in dirt or has had an accident).

In the case that you do need to wash your bunny, there are several things to do in order to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

Fill a bathing tub or sink up, but only with about an inch or water, no more! It can help to lay a washcloth or hand towel along the bottom so that your bunny does not slip or lose his grip.

The water should be neither too cold nor too warm. Remember, extreme temperatures will shock your bunnys delicate constitution!

Use a gentle soap and be careful to be equally gentle with your actual bathing techniques. Try and keep a hand on the rabbits body to keep him relatively still, but do not use too much pressure. Run your soapy, wet hands over his coat to loosen any grime. Then, when you are done, get rid of the dirty water and refill the basin with clean water, for rinsing.

As far as drying goes, your rabbit may want to take care of this on his own. If you want to help, however, you can use a hair dryer set on a low temperature, but do not aim it directly at your pet or he could get burned or overheat. Always be careful and remain responsive to any discomfort to your pet.


Just as other pets do, rabbits need regular nail trims. In fact, think of a rabbits claws as being like your own fingernails. They grow regularly and do not naturally get worn down, so you must take care of that yourself.

Make a monthly date to give your rabbit a trim, or to take your pet to a groomer or the vet to have a clipping done.

To clip bunnys nails, all you need is a nail clipper. Remember, the object is NOT to clip down too short. You have got to be very careful not to cut off too much, because there are actually blood vessels deep down in the nail, and you do not want to nip them.

In fact, its a great idea to take in your bunny to the vet to observe a nail clipping so that you can follow your vets lead in the future.

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