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In this section you have learned that rabbits have played a key role in human history. They have provided nutrition both within villages and on board ships crossing the oceans. They have also provided warmth and safety from the wintry weather, in the form of fur coats and hats.

But fortunately, more and more people are now coming to appreciate rabbits for their personalities and fun-loving temperaments as domestic pets. This means that fewer rabbits are being raised for meat or fur and more rabbits are being raised to provide loving families with a beloved companion.


Since you have read this far, its probably safe for me to assume that you are serious about bringing a pet rabbit (or two or more!) into your home. Now that you know some of the background, lets get down to the specifics you will need to know when it comes to choosing an animal that is right for you, your family, and your living situation. Does fur color make a difference? What about patterning? What differences are there between breeds?

Those questions and more will be answered in this chapter on the many wonderful types of rabbit available for you to bring home.

Different Fur Colors and Types

Rabbits are lovely creatures, and their coats are particularly nice to look at and to feel. That said, the color or type of your rabbits fur is really of no consequence when choosing a pet. Its purely an aesthetic decision, up to you and your personal inclinations, and has no real bearing on how a pet will behave.

There is one minor exception on the issue of color, however. Albino rabbits with white fur and red eyes are very sensitive to light, and they will not be able to handle being in bright light at all. If this is a concern for you given your household or the desired location for your litter box, etc., simply do not choose an albino rabbit. Do be aware that not all white rabbits are albinos! Albinos are a specific type of rabbit with a particular genetic mutation.
Just as color is not much of a consideration in choosing a pet, the same is true for the type of fur. Rabbits may have shorter hair or longer hair, and the decision is really only a matter of personal preference.

Again, however, there is a potential exception. We all know that rabbits are prized around the world for their luxurious fur, and this is especially so of Angora rabbits (whose fur is used to make angora wool). They are certainly beautiful, but their long hair requires more care than short hair. Do not select this type of animal unless you are prepared for the grooming that comes with it!

The Different Breeds (and Their Pros and Cons)

There are nearly 4 dozen breeds of rabbits, 46 to be exact,as recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Here, as with fur color, choosing a particular breed is more a matter of personal taste, as well as what your hopes are for the rabbit. However, there are some important exceptions, as we will discuss throughout this section. And, of course, if you are hoping to breed your pet rabbit, its breed is important (see the chapter on breeding for more on this).

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