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As the rabbits were carried far and wide on ships and through other means, the global population of rabbits expanded exponentially. Some of the rabbits were introduced into the wild on purpose, and others somehow managed to escape and run off into the brush. But too much of a good thing is not always wise. In many parts of the world, especially those where there were few predatory animals, the rabbit population grew and grew so much that it began to cause ecological problems and headaches from the human inhabitants.

Their Place in the Animal World

As you now know, rabbits have long been bred for meat, as well as for their fur. But in the 19th century, people began breeding beautiful rabbits simply for people to keep as pets. Since then, they have grown rapidly in popularity among animal lovers, both young and old. Though there are plenty of people who consider rabbits a good source of nutrition, and still others of us (though the number is thankfully decreasing) who think of rabbits in terms of fur coats and fur hats, the number who keep rabbits simply because they love the little creatures continues to grow.

From the Mouth of a Rabbit Owner

When my youngest son Daniel saw a cartoon on television featuring a rabbit character, he started begging and begging for his own pet bunny. He did not know anything about these animals he just knew that the one on TV was cute and fun.

But I was very uncomfortable about possibly bringing another life into our household on Daniels whim. I knew that if he did not know more about rabbits and not just about cartoon rabbits! he would probably get tired of the pet and then Id be stuck. So before I agreed to anything, I took Daniel to the library and we sat there and looked through some books about rabbits. I read them to Daniel and told him all about how rabbits became pets in the first place. I told him how people hundreds of years ago started keeping them in cages.

He got really excited and asked to bring home several of the books, and then he kept reading them later. I could tell that he was serious about wanting his own pet bunny, and the more I saw him reading and researching, the better I felt. Soon we went out and adopted a young rabbit, and Daniel has been taking excellent care of him ever since.

I am so glad I made the effort to teach my son about the background and history of rabbits. It has made us both more appreciative of our new pet and its made my son a better caregiver to little Joe Whiskers.

Key Points Summary

Since theres going to be a lot of information to digest throughout this book, at the end of each section I will provide a list of key points discussed in that chapter.

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