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Moreover, whereas commercial breeders breed for profit, not caring at all about the quality of rabbits they produce, private breeders often have more of a connection with their bunnies. They may handle them, so that the rabbits are more used to human contact. Also, private breeders can tell you about the animals parents, something you will never be able to find in a commercial pet store or even in a shelter.

Check locally to find a breed near you. As I have mentioned already, it is always wise to purchase from nearby, as shipping live animals by plane is an expensive and unnecessary measure.

Local Family

If you are interested in going the private breeder route, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to hear if any local families are engaged in hobby breeding. Many rabbit owners become breeders down the line, and they can be a great source for pet rabbits. Families who breed bunnies will likely produce less animals than other types of breeders, meaning more specialized attention and care.

All the rules apply here: make sure the animals appear healthy, clean, well taken care of, and content. Be wary if the family selling the animals does not seem to know much about breeding or how to care for rabbits. You want to buy from rabbit lovers, not people trying to make a few bucks.

From the Mouth of a Rabbit Owner

A friend of mine recently adopted a dog from an animal shelter in our town, and that worked out well for his family. So when my wife and I decided to get a pet, we figured it would be wise to check out that same shelter.

We went in and were heartened to see how loving the staff was, and how well they cared for their animals. It was so different from the pet stores I had been in, where the employers did not really seem interested in the animals, and where the animals themselves seemed kind of tired or even ill.

The shelter staff told us how they had recently rescued a bunch of rabbits from a commercial breeder who had been severely neglecting them. The rabbits had been treated and rehabilitated, so they were now much improved physically and emotionally. My wife and I went over to look at the group of rabbits, and our hearts went out to them. We decided to buy two, so that they would both have some company.

It feels wonderful to have two more wonderful additions to our family, and it feels even better to know that we were able to save these rabbits from life in a shelter. When I think of how many rabbits and other creatures are euthanized every year just because they cant find a good home, it pains me. Im so glad I went to a shelter to adopt my pets.

Key Points Summary

In this chapter you have gotten the run-down on the main venues from which you can purchase or take home your rabbit. All of them can work well for you, but you have got to know what to look for. Some pet stores are perfectly reputable, owned by pet lovers, but some (especially the big commercial chains) are to be avoided.

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