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Why Do People Want To Raise Pet Bunny Rabbits?

There are five reasons why people with different characteristics raise rabbits. The one given the least attention is probably the most important contributor for the growth of the rabbit industry.

1. A child is usually attracted by a beautiful small animal, as is almost everyone else. There is no greater attraction than a baby rabbit. As parents are usually intrigued by anything that fascinates a child, if it is at all possible, that child will soon have a rabbit, and, as the mutual interest develops, the number of rabbits will be increasing.

A child given a rabbit has been the beginning of some very successful rabbit raising operations. It is a matter of record that children given a rabbit have been the means of their parents becoming interested which then becomes A FAMILY AFFAIR. This is but one of the several reasons for the importance of encouraging children to become interested in rabbits. Many a child has led its parents into rabbit raising. The future of any business of tomorrow depends on the youngsters of today.

2. The reason why thousands of rabbits are raised as a hobby and as a spare time enterprise is conclusive proof that rabbits do make a delightful hobby which often develops into AN INCOME INCREASER (two incomes, as it were, one from one’s regular employment, the other of course, from rabbits). It surely is a wonderful occupation offering both pleasure and profit, where spare time can be turned into cash.

3. Now comes he whom we call the “perfectionist” who is the one fond of raising rabbits in the form of fancy stock for pleasure and personal satisfaction. His chief interest is in developing the fine specimens to improve breeding stock. Then he gets added thrill and pleasure when he displays his stock in shows where such animals are admired by others who visit these shows. It gives a feeling of deep satisfaction on the part of the breeder who thus concentrates on raising fancy stock. He gets credit in the sense of improvement he develops in his stock by way of type, color, as well as productive qualities of domestic rabbits in the United States.

4. The reason why other thousands use their spare time raising rabbits on a commercial basis, although in a limited way, is for their own meat supply, as well as to create markets according to their production facilities. This source too of rabbit raising becomes a means of increased income, as well as affording lots of joy in being thus engaged.

5. The reason why others raise rabbits as a full time operation is they want to enjoy the pleasure, satisfaction, independence, and profit. It is an adventure into the joy of abundant living as he pursues the business intelligently and methodically.

Those who raise rabbits for any one of the “FIVE REASONS” as herein mentioned can benefit from a venture that can pay dividends in both pleasure and profit. This is something that can be started with a low investment producing high profits. It is truly a fascinating enterprise and challenges your imagination and best efforts to put you on the road to a successful undertaking.

by Edward Stahl
From Rabbits For Profit and Pleasure

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