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How Do You Stop A Pet Bunny Rabbits Bad Habits?
by Andrea Austin,

Rabbits are creatures of habit and instinct, and there are certain aspects of their behavior that we cannot change just because we want to. However, there are ways to deal with rabbit habits to make them more appropriate and acceptable for you and your own home.

Chewing on Stuff

Rabbits love to chew, and it’s good for them! When they chew, they are grinding down their teeth in a healthy way, keeping their mouths in good shape and providing mental stimulation.

The trick is to keep your bunny from chewing on things he shouldn’t—wires, cords, furniture, and so on. A great way to do this is to provide lots of grass hay, which is good for digestion and also great from your pet’s teeth.

Another option is to provide chew toys (the same kind dogs use) or a large bone from a piece of boiled meat, with the bone marrow removed.

Having options like these will prevent your rabbit from chewing in a destructive manner and keep him healthy, too!


Part of their natural, instinctive behavior involves digging. But digging inside a house is obviously problematic—unless you provide a suitable place for your pet to carry out this activity. If your rabbit seems excessively interested in digging, provide a box filled with hay, so that your bunny can burrow down and dig through the contents. As always, monitor your pet carefully to be sure he’s not chewing through the box!


Biting often signals sexual drive. If your bunny frequently bites and is not “fixed,” you should really consider getting him or her neutered or spayed.

On the other hand, if your rabbit is already fixed and still bites, try to evaluate the underlying cause. Does your bunny bite when you approach and try to touch him? Are you wearing a strange perfume or do you smell of another animal? A bunny’s biting may be a perfectly normal way of warning you that your pet is feeling like he needs some time away from you today.


Aggression in male bunnies is a classic symptom of sexual frustration, so neuter your animal if you haven’t already. The same goes for female rabbits, in which case spaying can help a great deal.

In addition, if you have a pregnant female rabbit who becomes suddenly aggressive, she may be due to give birth! Prepare accordingly!

by Andrea Austin,

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