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We all want to spoil our rabbits, giving them tasty things to eat and toys that they will love to play with. But store-bought toys and treats can really get expensive. Even worse, many of the treats you buy at the pet shop can be dangerous or unhealthy, leading to rabbit obesity or even worse. And some of the toys are actually pretty boring, and will not keep your little buddy occupied for very long.

Thats why I have prepared this free bonus report on tasty rabbit treats you can make from scratch, as well as toys you can find around your house or make cheaply from easy-to-obtain material.

I guarantee that your rabbit will love these handmade gifts. He will appreciate the quality and thoughtfulness of each item, and you will feel good knowing that you are providing your pet with only the best.

Let us start with some treat recipes and then move on to a list of the very best and most engaging rabbit toys you can give your rabbit!

Treat Recipes for Rabbits

In this section I am providing you with 10 delicious treats any bunny will happily devour! Each uses natural ingredients with tasty toppings or additions to make sure that your pet is getting the nutrition he needs while simultaneously getting a yummy treat he is sure to enjoy.

Cut out these recipe cards to make your own collection of bunny treat recipes, or simply read through this report for some incredible ideas.

My Bunny Valentine

Choose any of the following flowers:
Roses (with the thorns removed)

To turn a plain old flower into a tempting treat, simply spread out the flowers or petals and let your bunny enjoy this special valentine. Of course, its equally great any time of the year!

Berry Good Soup

1 cup spaghetti noodles (cooked)
2 tablespoons water
12 berries (blackberries, raspberries,
strawberries or blueberries)
Optional: 1 childrens chewable multivitamin,
crushed up into a fine powder

Crush the berries until a thick paste is formed (but be sure to leave some chunks of berry!). Next, add the water and mix well.

Now you can add a crushed childrens chewable multivitamin to the mixture if you wish. Otherwise, simply stir in the cooked noodles. This terrific bunny soup can be served warm or cold.

Pellet Broccoli

2-3 pieces of fresh or thawed frozen broccoli
Rabbit pellets

This is a great mixture of three ingredients bunnies love, but that few humans think of putting together. Trust us, your pet will eat it up!

Making pellet broccoli is incredibly simple. All you have to do is spread the honey on the broccoli, then add a few pellets. Be sure not to add too many pellets, however! The broccoli should be the main component of this treat.

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