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Rabbit Web
This website offers the information you need to raise and care for your rabbits.

Ross Rabbits
This website offers information about adopting and caring for rabbits.

The Childrens Stomping Ground
This organization offers excellent info for children on how to raise rabbits.

The Language of Lagomorphs
Learn what your rabbit is saying and what to say back.

The Rabbit Hutch
This website offers information about rabbit care, nutrition, and breeds.

How To Build a Cage or Pen:

Blue Bunnies
This site offers an idea for how to put together your cage.

Bunny Dome
Another idea for how to put together your cage.

House Rabbit Society
This site offer more ideas for how to put together your rabbits cage.

NIC Condos
This web page offers an assortment of cage/pen building options.

Princess Blackie
This web page offers information on how to build a cage with NIC cubes.

Rabbit Network
This web page shows how to build a Neat Ideas Cube Condo.

Valee Hill
This web site shows another idea for how to put together your cage.

How To Pick Up A Rabbit:

House Rabbit Society
This page offers a series of pictures on how to pick up and hold a rabbit.

How To Determine The Sex Of Your Rabbit:

Rabbit Sexing: This page covers the sexing of rabbits.


Dana Krempels, Ph.D.
This site covers Fur Loss.

Dana Krempels, Ph.D.
This site covers GI Stasis.

House Rabbit Society
This site covers Fly Strike.

House Rabbit Society
They discuss finding a good rabbit vet, and they offer their vet recommendations.

Long Beach Animal Hospital
These two websites cover an actual rabbit spay and neuter performed at an animal hospital.

My Bunny
This site covers Emergency Kits.

Ontario rabbits
This site also covers Emergency Kits.

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