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Timely Advice For Pet Bunny Rabbit Newbies!

The beginning, in many cases, can very well mean the difference between success and failure. To those who are planning to raise rabbits, but have had no previous experience, the accompanying suggestions will be of great help if followed. It will be the means of assuring the right kind of start, with the right kind of rabbits from a reliable source. Everyone who enters any line of business, hopes to succeed. Success in the rabbit business depends on three essential factors, which may well be considered at the outset. First, a good grade of high quality stock. Second, the proper care and attention. Third, the determination to succeed.

THE BREED – It is important to make a careful study of the breeds best suited for the purpose for which you wish to raise them – for commercial purposes – for the sale of breeding stock – or a combination of both. Breeds of rabbits can be put into three categories, namely, the fancy breeds which are the smaller breeds and types – the breeds best suited for commercial fryer production in which are placed the medium size and weight groups, and finally the giants in the higher weight groups.

RABBITS FOR SHOW – All breeds and varieties of rabbits are rabbits that can be and are shown at shows held throughout the country. These shows attract special attention, especially the convention show held yearly which are governed by the rules and regulations of the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association, as are the local, state, and specialty club shows sponsored by these clubs in all parts of America.

FANCY BREEDS – The so-called fancy breeds are the smaller breeds, and some of the larger breeds as well. Those with special coloring and markings are the favorites of the so-called fanciers who raise rabbits for the enjoyment they get out of it rather than for profit, although these breeders who enjoy being called fanciers, do sell breeding stock of their favorite breeds to others who are inclined to raise rabbits as a hobby and the enjoyment it gives them, rather than any monetary gain.

COMMERCIAL BREEDS – It has been said by those who know, that the commercial end of the rabbit industry is its foundation. It is a known fact that many, in fact, as many as 90% of those who venture into the raising of rabbits, have the commercial end of the business in mind. It is up to those that special attention is called because the right selection of the breed or breeds and the breeding stock is most important. Select a breed known for its quick early growth and whose fur tops the market in price.

COMMERCIAL STOCK – There are many breeders of rabbits who pay no attention to pedigrees. Many of them are interested only on commercial fryer production whose aim is to produce a four pound fryer, live weight in the shortest possible time. Keeping a record of production is much more important than pedigrees. They concentrate on producing a strain of rabbits that will produce maximum weight in young rather than the minimum which is likely where no attention to production records are kept.

PEDIGREED STOCK – Pedigrees are important. The beginner should insist on getting pedigrees of the breeding stock purchased. When the time comes to sell rabbits for breeding purposes, No matter how good the rabbits are, the best sales maker is the breeder who offers pedigreed stock. Such stock demands a better price which, of course, adds to the breeder’s profit. Of course, to the breeder who is interested only in supplying rabbits to meat markets and for laboratory purposes in experimental use, a pedigree does not seem important. By all means buy pedigreed stock of an established breed, no matter what purpose you have in mind. It will pay you to do so.

REGISTERED STOCK – If interested in purchasing the best in rabbits, registered rabbits are a real protection for the beginner. Not only are such rabbits pedigreed, but they are registered and have a certificate of registration issued by the American Rabbit Breeders Association with its number corresponding with the number tattooed in the right ear of the rabbit. Such rabbits before application can be made must be examined by a qualified registrar, especially appointed for the purpose of examining each rabbit, and only when it is found that a rabbit is without defect, and meets all registration requirements and qualifications, including weight, can it be registered. There are many rabbits sold without being registered, good rabbits too, but there is but one iron clad guarantee of quality registered rabbits. Yes, they cost more, and, as a rule, are worth more.
by Edward Stahl.

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