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- Bunnies love playing with paper-towel tubes, especially when they are filled with grass hay.

- Cardboard boxes or paper bags with rabbit-sized cutouts can keep your pet amused for long periods of time.

- Pinecones (without any pesticides or paint on them) are great for rabbits to play with and even chew on.

- Old blankets or towels will be fun for your rabbit, and then double as bedding for your bunny when he gets sleepy.

- Dog chew toys or small wire balls (a common cat toy) can be great sources of entertainment for your rabbit.

- Rubber balls (the kinds humans play with) are a fun option.

Can You Teach Your Rabbit Tricks?

While rabbits are very smart and can learn how to be litter box trained, that does not necessarily mean that you should try to teach your bunny tricks. Rabbits are unlike dogs in that they will not want to act a certain way in order to please you. They are social creatures, but they also want some time alone, and they are not going to be on call for you.

However, that is not to say that rabbits will not do tricks. They are very playfully and will often do funny body movements and act in ways that seem amusing. They can often seem to be hamming it up in order to cheer up or amuse their owner.

It is best to enjoy these little self-motivated tricks rather than to force a rabbit to perform for you.

From the Mouth of a Rabbit Owner

When I first adopted my rabbit, I did not quite expect him to be so much fun! But he really is! We have such a great time together, and I have come to bond with him in some very silly and very amusing ways.

I work in a home office, and my rabbit is allowed to come and play in my room during the day. Sometimes I will be hard at work, stressed out over a deadline, and suddenly I will see a little ball of fur in the corner of my eye. I will turn around and see him doing a funny little dance, and I just know he is trying to entertain me and give me a break from my boring old routine!

At times like that, I just have to put down my pen or get away from my computer and join my rabbit in his playtime. Sometimes we race around the room, with me trying to catch up to him. At other times I bring out a toy and watch my bunny having a blast on his own.

A play-date with my bunny is better than a coffee break and keeps me smiling long afterward!

Key Points Summary

Though many of see only the shy, anxious or gentle aspect of rabbits nature, there is definitely a fun side, too! Many rabbits love to cut loose, amusing themselves, and you, with dancing, racing, twirling, jumping, chasing, pushing, turning, and so on. Observing your rabbit at play, and perhaps joining in, can be a great bonding experience for you both.

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