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Fly strike is when urine or fecal matter gets caked on the fur, becoming a fertile ground for maggots to thrive in. These maggots can then bury deep into your pets skin. When this happens, it can result in infection, perhaps even death.

The good news is that if you groom your rabbit properly, you should never have to worry about fly strike.


If your rabbits diet is unbalanced or inappropriate for some reason, you may see a form of diarrhea in which the stool is normal looking but soft and squishable, or soft with harder clumps mixed in. If you observe such droppings, you may need to alter the diet until you find one that has better results.

However, there is another kind of diarrhea which can be fatal in rabbits and should be brought to a vets attention right away. This is more obvious, and is characterized by runny, messy stool with a foul odor. Basically, if you see it, you will know its a problem. Remember, get to a vet right away, because for a rabbit, this is an emergency.

Eyes Problems

Healthy rabbits have clear, bright eyes. It is normal to see occasional sleep in the eyes, and this can be wiped away easily. However, if you notice excessively watery eyes or unusual discharge, that signals a medical condition that needs to be treated by a vet. Continual discharge over time can make the skin under the eyes to become irritated, and that may result in the fur coming off.


Getting your rabbit fixed is neither cruel nor selfish ... it actually helps extend your pets lifetime and will help him lead a happier and healthier existence. Un-neutered or unsprayed rabbits are prone to aggressiveness and other disruptive and even dangerous habits. Females are at a high risk of developing uterine cancer if left unsprayed.

Moreover, neutering or spaying your rabbit means that there will be no accidents resulting in unwanted bunnies. There are already far too many unwanted, unloved, and un-sheltered bunnies in this country, and many of them are put to sleep each year. Fixing your pet helps to stop this growing problem.

Rabbit Exercise

Though rabbits are often kept in a cage and may be quiet for much of the time, they do need regular exercise. You should let your rabbit out of its cage daily, for at least a few hours at a time. If you do not, your rabbit may begin to suffer from muscle atrophy. In some cases, rabbits that are not let out of their cages become so weak that they can no longer even hop. Regular exercise will keep your pet strong. It will also allow him to become more familiar and comfortable with you.

Rabbits On Leashes?

As rabbits are very intelligent little creatures, they can usually be trained to respond well to being put on a leash and harness.

However, some caution is necessary. Remember that rabbits are not like dogs. They are delicate and fragile, and you should never tug hard on the leash or force the harness over your bunnys body. Putting too much pressure can cause fractures, so instead of leading your rabbit, let him lead you!

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