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From the Mouth of a Rabbit Owner

When I first brought home my angora, I knew it would be a lot of work to groom her properly, but I underestimated just how much time it would take. She loves to run around and do little jumps and turns, and her coat gets matted very easily. I just do not feel right unless I groom her hair every two days or so. But I am a busy professional, and sometimes I do not have the time to keep her as well groomed as I would like.

Luckily, I have two wonderful children who love my angora as much as I do. They are seven and nine years old, and they both have learned a lot about rabbit care in the four months since my rabbit, Softie, came into our lives. I trust them and decided to get them involved in Softies grooming.

I sat them down and talked to them about how careful they had to be with Softie, and how she liked to be treated. I explained how rabbits have fragile bones and that they like to be treated nicely, not aggressively. Then I put Softie next to us on the couch and showed my children how to take a comb and gently groom her coat. My children were so gentle and loving, it was heartwarming to watch!

I still take care of the difficult tasks, like trimming Softies nails and cleaning her scent glands, but it has been a wonderful experience to get my children more involved in other aspects of her grooming. They have gotten to know Softie better, and shes more comfortable around them. Moreover, it takes a lot of the burden off me, which I appreciate a great deal!

Getting the rest of the family involved in taking care of the family pet can be challenging, but I definitely recommend it so long as you teach your children the proper techniques and supervise at the beginning.

Key Points Summary

A healthy rabbit is a well-groomed rabbit. Yes, it may take some work to keep your rabbit in good shape, but its worth it. Brushing his coat, trimming his nails, checking his teeth, cleaning his scent glands and so on are all absolutely essential not just to your rabbits appearance and smell but also to his health and wellbeing.

Remember, domestic rabbits do not have the same lifestyle as wild rabbits. Whereas wild rabbits evolved to have nails and teeth that grow and grow, as protection against an abrasive diet and a harsh outdoor environment, indoor pet rabbits need help trimming down their nails and teeth.

Moreover, since humans have purposely breeded rabbits with longer hair--the better to make rabbit fur coats, etc.. We have created a problem with hairballs.

We enjoy having rabbits in our homes as companions and family members. It is therefore our duty to keep our pets clean, safe, and happy. We can all do that by making a commitment to good grooming habits.

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