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Adult rabbits can be given unlimited hay, and veggies and fruits in the portions described above, in the sections on veggies and fruits. They should be given no more than half a cup of pellets (or less) per 6 pounds of body weight a day. Again, you do not want to risk obesity in your rabbit!

When a rabbit reaches senior citizen status (after about 6 years of age), you need to be the judge. Is your rabbit losing weight? If so, increase the quantity of pellets and other foods. If your rabbit is maintaining his weight, you do not really need to change anything.

Of course, older rabbits (as well as bunnies of all ages) should have regularly vet checkups, at which time your vet can tell you if there are any nutritional needs that are not being met.


Rabbits tend to be quite sensitive when it comes to changes in their diet or feeding schedule. In fact, if there is a sudden change or interruption, a rabbit may lose his appetite or become ill.

Therefore, its important to maintain consistency. Establish a feeding routine that is easy for you to stick to each and every day. Set your timer and fix the feeding schedule into your own everyday routine. Make sure you have enough rabbit food (whether hay, pellets, veggies, etc.) on hand so that you do not run out unexpectedly.

Feeding your rabbit a consistent, balanced and healthy diet is one of the best ways to ensure that your pet has a long and happy life as your prized companion.

From the Mouth of a Rabbit Owner

It surprised me at first to learn that rabbits can eat people food, but when I thought about it, it made perfect sense. Rabbits in the wild eat vegetables all the time, as well as things that grow in fields, like grass and clover. So when I brought home my pet, I made a decision to keep him healthy by rounding out his diet with bits of my own healthy people food.

At night when I make my dinner-time salad, I always keep aside a few veggies to give to Bun-Bun. If I am making a Romaine salad, I will wash a couple leaves of the lettuce for him. Then I will cut up a green pepper for my salad, and cut up another one for Bun-Bun.

Or if I am making pineapple-upside-down cake for my family, I will always make sure to keep aside just a few very small pieces of pineapple as a treat for my rabbit. I know he loves the taste, and I love the fact that its so healthy for him!

I always try to keep my pets nutrition just as highly in my mind as my own nutrition and that of my family. Its important to me that I feed him good, healthy foods so that he can live a long, satisfying life as my little friend and companion.

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