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If you have a dog, make sure he is very obedient before you let your new rabbit run loose around him. That way, if he lunges for the bunny, you can command him to stop and sit.

How to Win Their Love and Trust

As I have mentioned, rabbits are naturally somewhat skittish. This may be especially the case if you have adopted a neglected or abused rabbit from a shelter. Some rabbits have even been known to die of fear when they are not even in immediate physical danger, when another animal approaches the cage in a threatening manner, for instance.

Because of this innate temperament, it is so important for you and your households members to respect your new pet. Treat him carefully, gently, and lovingly. Pet him only when he wishes to be pet, and dont pick him up unless he seems comfortable with it. Dont put him on the spot or force him to do tricks if he would rather go sit in a quiet corner of his cage. Be gentle and soft-spoken with your rabbit, as this is the kind of behavior they respond best to.

If you heed this advice, you will probably find that you develop a close and satisfying relationship with your pet. He will grow to trust you and show you various sides of his personality. He may very likely exhibit a sense of humor and compassionate feelings toward you, a wonderful reward!

From the Mouth of a Rabbit Owner

I have a friend who had a tragedy in her household recently, and while it is very sad its also a good lesson to those of you out there who may not be familiar with rabbit care.

My friend had just brought home a rabbit she had adopted from a shelter, and she loved it to bits. She really enjoyed having a companion, and she let her pet roam around the apartment pretty freely. My friend even started to think of her rabbit as being like those other common household pets: cats and dogs. She figured the rabbit would also probably love to be picked up and held and petted, just like those other animals. So one day she reached down and picked up her rabbit, who immediately became terrified.

Her rabbit started kicking wildly and thrashing about, and my friend did not know what to do. She tried to restrain her pet, but something went terribly wrong, and the rabbit fractured its back because of its wild movements. My friend rushed to the vet, but there was nothing he could do, the rabbit was now paralyzed.

Of course, my friend was devastated, especially because she had brought the animal home from a shelter, hoping to give it a better life.

Now, not all rabbits are so resistant to being picked up, and many do like to be handled. The moral of this story is to understand and respect your own rabbits personality and temperament, and to educate yourself about what rabbits tend to like and dislike. If you do your research and read up on rabbit behavior before you bring your new pet home, you will have a much better shot at giving him a happy and healthy life.

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