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Once I put him back in his cage I did the work I should have done earlier cleaning up any stray objects on the floor, closing off escape routes out of the living room, putting away phone cords and so on.

Given my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants crash course in rabbit care, its lucky nothing went serious awry. Now I know better, and I tell all my friends what I learned: you have got to be prepared in order to be a good, responsible pet owner!

Key Points Summary

In this section you have learned all the essential info about how to prepare yourself, your family, and your home for the arrival of your new pet.

You know that it is best to keep your rabbit in a moderate climate, nowhere too hot, too cold or too damp. You also know that rabbits should be kept in cages that are large enough to keep them comfortable, and constructed of materials that are not going to rot, get unsanitary, or get chewed through.

You know that rabbits require a different sort of gentle approach than, say, dogs, and that kids need to be warned and taught about rabbit behavior. If you do not prepare your young children adequately for the rabbits arrival, you risk harm to both the children and the pet.

Finally, I have given you a checklist so that you can make sure you are all ready to bring home the little guy.

Remember, being a good pet owner is all about being prepared. You already know this, thats why you are reading this guide! In addition, if you know what to expect and what materials to have on hand ahead of time, you will not only be a better owner but you will also make your life a lot less stressful, always a plus!


In reality, rabbits are very different from their cartoon counterparts. Rabbits may be fuzzy and adorable, but that does not mean they enjoy cuddling up to humans or being picked up and carried around. In fact, improper handling of your new pet can result in harm, so before you pick out your rabbit, make sure you understand all the basics of rabbit behavior and care.

How to Handle Them--Should you Pick Up Your Rabbit?

As creatures who walk on all four feet and whose bodies are low to the ground, rabbits tend to feel the most comfortable and safe while sitting or laying on the floor. Therefore, when picked up, rabbits may become nervous, panicked, or even downright terrified. When this happens, they may begin kicking out their hind-legs.

Why is this such a danger? Well, when a rabbit thrashes around he risks fracturing his back (remembers, rabbits bones, including spinal cords, are very fragile). If you pick up a rabbit and he starts to get nervous, put him down immediately and carefully, and do not try to physically restrain him.

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