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For all these reasons it is essential to teach children in advance about what to expect from their pet and how to treat their new fuzzy friend. Read the next chapter, which is all about understanding handling your new rabbit, and then sit down for a talk with your kid or kids. Explain that rabbits are not like other pets, and that they do not like being picked up.

Also, be aware that rabbits do not respond well to stressful or very noisy environments, so households with very hyperactive or very loud children may just not be suitable to a pet bunny. And if you have a particularly energetic young child, you should certainly supervise the childs playtime with the rabbit, so that you can affirm good behavior and correct bad habits.

Buying Supplies in Advance

Later on in this book I will give you detailed information about your rabbits food, grooming, cleaning, and toys. Read through those later sections to learn the details about what, specifically, you will need to buy. But for now, know that you will need to have most if not all of the following items on hand when you bring home your new pet:

- Cage
- Water bottle
- Food dish
- Food pellets
- Fresh veggies
- Hay
- Litter box/pan
- Rabbit toys

Make sure that you have enough of those essential supplies on hand before you bring your rabbit home, so that you do not have to run out and buy supplies while you are in the midst of getting your new pet settled into your house.

From the Mouth of a Rabbit Owner

I used to be a really impulsive person, doing things on a whim, acting on my instinct. That was how I was when I first brought home my pet rabbit. While I was at the pet store picking him out, I also bought a cage, some rabbit food, and food and water bowls. I figured I was pretty much all set. After all, how much did I really need to know in advance about rabbits? I thought to myself.

Plenty, as it turned out. For one thing, my new friend promptly tipped over his water bowl, forcing me to rush out to get a new, heavier water bowl that would basically be untippable.

Then he started chewing through the newspaper I had put at the bottom of the cage to serve as litter. I figured it was not good for him to be eating newspaper, so I ran back out and picked up some hay.

Next, a friend told me that I should really let out my rabbit for a few hours each day to get some exercise. But as soon as I opened the cage door I realized I had not been as prepared as I should have been. The rabbit went straight for an open door, running out of my living room and into the kitchen. I had to run around and capture him so that he would not start nibbling on anything he was not supposed to.

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