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- The rabbits eyes should be bright (not runny) and he should seem alert when he is awake
- The coat should be clean and feel nice to the touch (not matted or wet)
- If there are any rabbit droppings in the cage, they should be firm, not liquid.
- The rabbit should not look too thin or emaciated.
- The rabbits teeth should be properly aligned, with upper row of incisors in front of the lower of incisors.

Finally, a word about where to conduct your search. I recommend looking locally, whether in local pet stores, local breeders, or local shelters. Shipping animals is expensive, and that cost will get passed on to you if you buy from far away. And who knows what the animal will have been subjected to on the flight?

From the Mouth of a Rabbit Owner

My daughter begged me for a rabbit, and I gave in! We had never had a pet before, and I figured it would be a nice addition to our household. I will never forget that joyous look on my daughters face when I finally said ... Yes, sweetie, and took her to pick out a pet.

Little did I know how miserable the rabbit would make me! Do not get me wrong, I love the little creature, but it turns out I am allergic to rabbits. Having never had any pets before, I did not think allergens would be a problem. I am not allergic to hay or grass or pollen, and I never suspected that something so cute as a rabbit would make me ill!

In retrospect, I realize that I probably had some warning signs. Watery eyes when I was over at the house of a friend who owns a dog, that sort of thing. But I did not think a tiny rabbit would be a problem. Now I am constantly sniffling and Ive got watery eyes, and I just do not have the heart to take the rabbit away from my daughter, who loves her new friend.

Well, this has taught me a lesson, and its one I hope to pass on to other potential rabbit owners. These animals are adorable, but theres more to buying a bunny than what it looks like. I wish I had considered this decision more carefully at the outset!

Key Points Summary

In this chapter you have learned even though rabbits are relatively small creatures, you should never buy on impulse. You have got to consider your purchase carefully beforehand, weighing all the various factors having to do with your own health and happiness as well as the rabbits wellbeing.

That means you should think long and hard about whether you have the necessary resources to raise a bunny into adulthood. Rabbits can live from 5 to 15 years on average, so be prepared for a long-term commitment. Do you have enough in the bank to pay for occasional medical bills, food, and other pet care necessities? Do you have enough space in your house for an adequately sized cage? Is the space you have set aside for your rabbit suitable to a rabbits temperament?

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