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Buying And Selling Pet Bunny Rabbits

BUYING – This is the beginning and of the utmost importance to know the very best sources from which good breeding stock can be secured at reasonable prices. A good plan to follow is to buy your foundation stock from breeders who fall into one of the following categories whose stock has a show record and others who know a good rabbit from a poor one. Among such dependable breeders one will find Registrars and Judges who have received their appointments from the American Rabbit Breeders Association – breeders who are recognized because of their ability in this field. Registrars are those who examine and register stock for those who have need for such service. Then there are the Judges (of rabbit shows) who select and place the winners of the stock in the showroom in competition.

SELLING – In this paragraph we will refer to both the buyer and seller. The buyer when buying rabbits for commercial fryer production should always insist on being informed by the seller as to the age and weight of the rabbit. In buying pedigreed or registered stock ages and weights are shown on the pedigrees and registration certificates. When stock of breeding age is bought there should be an age limit which is important; buy young stock in the does especially 6 to 9 months old if those under 8 months old are of the established standard weight and do not buy does that have had more than one litter. There are advantages in buying does that have had a successful litter, such does have been tested, and are known to produce young. We do not wish to leave the impression, however, that does bred for the first time will not produce young, with very few exceptions, they will. Do not make the mistake by starting with too many rabbits. It is better to buy fewer rabbits and get the very best rather than buying a larger number of inferior grade.

INFORMATION – Many beginners make the mistake of rushing into rabbit raising without the kind of information needed to help one to succeed. True, one learns much from actual experience, but a good book on the subject is very important. While some who offer stock for sale offer their customers a book on raising rabbits, which they should if they have the success of their customers at heart; there are others who do not offer a book of instructions to their rabbit customers. This is an indication that once a sale is made, the customer is on his own to learn the “how” – the “why and the “wherefore” of successful rabbit raising which can turn out to be a costly experience. A good book of guidance is definitely essential to the new beginner in rabbit raising. The customer is certainly entitled to information that will be of help to him when he starts raising rabbits, and it is up to the seller to provide the customer with practical instructions he can follow to make a success of the enterprise. A satisfied customer is the life-blood of any business enterprise, the rabbit business being no exception to the rule. It’s a good slogan to bear in mind at all times – it is one of the great arts of successful selling.

BOOKS – More books have been published on rabbit culture than on any other small animal enterprise, this includes poultry, too. Prices asked for such publications have been and are in accordance with its number of pages and the class of binding used. Many of these books are now obsolete – no longer sold, while in most cases the information is out of date. With this in mind and to keep you informed of present day operations, we make the following suggestions. The American Rabbit Breeders Association (A R B A) publishes a rabbit raisers Guide Book which contains 200 or more pages with up-to-date information that is of great help to the beginner and to the established rabbit breeder, as well. It is full of practical information in every aspect not appearing in other publications, affording some of the best advice and guidance every breeder should know, especially the beginner. The best advice we can give to the beginner, especially, is to join that organization to secure a copy of their Guide Book. It will help you greatly to make the right kind of beginning to enable you to follow the right course thereafter.

by Edward Stahl
From Rabbits For Profit and Pleasure

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